In order to be well aware of the problem, we will go to the main conventional establishment. The camera – eye of the camera, using which the photographer defines the secret and tair the acceptable angle of view, the presence of photographing.

Let us turn directly to the systematization of optics. However, to clarify, what I will tell only about the most famous. In order not to fill the brain only with the concept, in this case I will be a source of agents of 2 best companies: Nikon and Canon to any team of optics. I mentioned in the introduction of whale optics, but since not all without exception, the nuances of this optics have all the chances to be familiar to you. I will try to reveal this idea more extensively!

Whale photo lens-photo optics, the presence of the implementation of the outgoing together with the body of the camera. Her view of the examination is built in such a way that it converges with the house of the examination of the face, without capturing the peripheral eye in the calculation. The camera kiev 88 lens – this visual concept, which consists with the specified number of lenses (and in some cases, and mirrors), which creates the picture. A photo lens is considered to be the base of extracting high-quality drawings with the purpose of a camera. In the present period there is a large selection of the most different lenses, which we are given by the manufacturers of optics and photographic equipment. Next, let’s analyze all without exception, the variety of selection, and in addition — which lenses are classified as well and for the purpose of what is used.

In the main order, we analyze the key properties (and numeric-alphabetic notation) of the lenses. It should be noted that the following:

1) view of bayonet mount;
2) Focal distance (or distance – in case this lens);
3) The conditional opening of the lens diaphragm. The focal length shows the extent to which I can «speed up» the subject I’m shooting, or the extent to which I can grasp the clicked area extensively. The focal distance is classified by numbers in millimeters.
Often, in old lenses may notice the definition of focal length in ironglassadapters.com centimeters. In the current like you previously did not meet.